One of the most recognizable teams in League of Legends, Fnatic is a renowned eSports organization with competitive teams across a spectrum of titles. The original World Champions have been present in six EU LCS finals, and claimed first place in five of those match ups. The 2016 Spring split saw its winning formula dismantled when its core members departed overseas; with suitable replacements in their stead, the squad still failed to live up to expectations. If there's any hope of capturing their former glory, it's the return of the team's primary shot caller in Bora "Yellowstar" Kim, who once again dons the orange and black to guide his team to a 2016 World Championship qualification.

  • sOAZ
    Paul Boyer
  • Amazing
    Maurice Stückenschneider
  • Caps
    Rasmus Winther
  • Rekkles
    Martin Larsson
  • Jesiz
    Jesse Le
  • Wickd
    Mike Petersen
  • Panda
    Yannick Greff


  1. sOAZ
  2. Amazing
  3. Caps
  4. Rekkles
  5. Jesiz
  6. Wickd
  7. Panda