RED Canids

The Red Canids have overcome a rocky history to convincingly earn a spot at the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational. Formerly INTZ Red, the team initially saw little success in the CBLOL, finishing 5th and 7th in summer and winter, respectively. The 2016 offseason brought massive roster changes. New additions included paiN Gaming’s acclaimed ADC brTT, as well as mid laner Tockers, formerly of INTZ e-Sports. The new roster finished second in the regular season and went on to the finals, where they defeated Keyd Stars in a decisive 3-0 match. As Brazil’s home team for MSI 2017, they’ll look to do their country proud and prove themselves on the international stage. Coach: Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal

  • Robo
    Leonardo Souza
  • Nappon
    Carlos Rücker
  • Tockers
    Gabriel Claumann
  • brTT
    Felipe Gonçalves
  • Dioud
    Hugo Padioleau


  1. Robo
  2. Nappon
  3. Tockers
  4. brTT
  5. Dioud