Team SoloMid

You can’t talk about North American League of Legends without mentioning Team SoloMid, the squad that has commanded respect from opponents and the resounding chants from fans worldwide. Since the inception of the League Championship Series in 2013, TSM have consistently laid claim to the top two spots. However, the 2016 Spring Split saw a major upheaval for the roster; the now star-studded team visibly struggled throughout the season, but Baylife'd their way to a second place finish in typical TSM fashion.

  • Hauntzer
    Kevin Yarnell
  • Svenskeren
    Dennis Johnsen
  • Bjergsen
    Søren Bjerg
  • WildTurtle
    Jason Tran
  • Biofrost
    Vincent Wang
  • Doublelift
    Yiliang Peng
  • Reginald
    Andy Dinh


  1. Hauntzer
  2. Svenskeren
  3. Bjergsen
  4. WildTurtle
  5. Biofrost
  6. Doublelift
  7. Reginald